What, ITN is being withdrawn?

Customers have been asking about ITN and if there’s plans for it being removed from the PSMA, well Ordnance Survey are proposing the withdrawal of the MasterMap ITN network from the PSMA and ceasing its production. There’s no need to worry as with all withdrawals it’s never quick, the current timeline for “ITNEXIT” is April 2019, providing it’s agreed in the upcoming months with the community. This is because the new Ordnance Survey Highways network, which was launched officially last year, is the new definitive road network from Ordnance Survey.

Highways, tell me more?

Ordnance Survey’s Highways product includes all the features that we love in ITN such as one-way streets, grade separation, banned/mandatory turns and a detailed urban path network, but this is just the start of the journey.

There’s much more detailed information on the network being imbedded and merged from the National Street Gazetteer (NSG). For example, an area that’s vastly improved is naming with not only the historic name in ITN, but you also get the name on the sign, other local names such as “lover’s lane” and what it is known as in different languages. On top of the improved naming, additional information on who maintains the road, event information that result in the closure of the road and data on the gradient of the link is, or will be, supplied.

Currently there’s more restriction information than ITN, with information on the width of the road and number of lanes coming later in 2017. There’s also lots of information regarding banned turns and if these can be broken by emergency vehicles including details of any bollards or other obstacles on the road. This detail is essential for the emergency services when these can be broken under “right to life” circumstances.

What about footpaths?

Urban Paths are being merged into the Highways network and there’s already more paths in the data than ITN and Urban paths combined, however the path network is ever expanding with rural paths and public right of way networks being added this year. The same can be said for cycling routes and bridle paths, these are forever being added with planned monthly updates and help to reinforce the definitive road network.

That sounds great, can I use it yet?

The data is available via the PSMA page for existing clients and is soon to be released to the private sector, mirroring the price of the ITN network giving you more network for your buck. We have already built importers into our software and suggest you start getting your systems and processes used to utilising this dataset.

We have a beta release of TRACC that can load the data in, and will be fully released with our TRACC Drivetime product due in the next couple of months.

Our TM-Speeds and BM-Speedlimit products already utilise this data via a shared TOID link. The data will soon appear in DataCutter for purchase and Highways Analyst will be ported across as soon as the feed changes.

Dan has over 10 years experience as a Product Manager at Basemap looking at the full product life cycle using AGILE/SCRUM and liaises between key stakeholders and developers to ensure first class applications are built. He is the resident expert on data and software solutions that Basemap offer its clients.