Cambridge Snow Bridge

Visit to Cambridge

This week I had the pleasure of visiting Cambridge County Council with a hands on session for TRACC training, a pleasant 8th Advent Day encounter. The council had renewed interest on their action towards Sustainable Travel Planning, a topic on many local government’s radar now and continuing into 2022.

As a city

Cambridge B&B Staircase

My hotel for the night with a decorative theme

Sustainable travel can mean a lot for different people and it is important to see through the polarizing gestures and understand the real issues. Cambridge as a city has come under enormous pressure from ‘overtourism’ (at least until 2020) and the council continuously look at ways to manage transport.

Basemap’s TRACC multi-modal transport solution in assessing map data results has proven fruitful for similar authorities in accessibility and property projects, notably saving countless business resources using traditional systems which TRACC can achieve in a few hours. Despite mounting local sustainability challenges, councils believe TRACC will pay dividends over time.

Personally, it has been a while since delivering my last private course, February 2020 my last encounter. As it goes, a simultaneous Downing Street announcement curtailed my trip short, nevertheless I managed to snap a few photos for my own highlights reel.

Cambridge Forest Dusk

A narnia-themed winter walk

It was especially lovely seeing some of fun festive decorations to brighten up my evening after a long day. Great to see the city bustling with Christmas spirit and to round off the trip by connecting with old friends who I hadn’t seen in a while. No trip would have been complete without tumblers of gin cocktails. Just because it’s no longer summer, doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in some winter themed beverages.

Although it sounds like my adventures for this year might be relatively short-lived going forward, this was a great reminder to explore again at the earliest opportunity.

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