We have just returned from our third visit to TRB in Washington D.C.  The show is still very popular with over 13,000 delegates and 5,000 presentations in nearly 800 sessions and workshops.  We were lucky this year to have a poster session on the work we have done with East West Gateway Council of Governments showcasing their accessibility score which they created using our TRACC software.  This proved extremely popular with the session being non-stop for almost two hours.   Lots of delegates were extremely impressed with the scale of work undertaken by TRACC, as it seems no other software could get close to the 1.3 billion calculations made as part of the case study.  The accessibility score is also a great way to investigate a region, and in the example of EW Gateway they could instantly see where investment in the underlying transport is required.  Our TRACC software has proved, yet again, to be a great success story for all.

The exhibition stand itself proved popular, we had some extremely interesting and positive conversations with existing clients and potential new clients.  It was great to see the interest in accessibility planning is on the increase across all of America, it does seem that many countries in Southern and Central America are really looking into provision of data, with some interesting analysis being done to collect and collate GTFS data in these regions.  IT was also great to have our new East Coast re-seller Greg on the stand with us.  We have some exciting public webinars lined up, sign up here.


We attended some excellent sessions, one on data visualisation which was extremely informative.  Look out for some examples on social media showing new ways to show our exports from TRACC in the coming months.  We also attended a session on accessibility planning, there seems to be an increase in the promotion of 20-minute cities, something we noted at ITSWC Singapore in October last year.  In this example they wanted to ensure that one US City was accessible to various social locations within 20 minutes, so restaurants, cinemas etc.  This would then help promote the liveability of a city.  This was really interesting, as many times people look at access to jobs, healthcare etc, but to make a city truly liveable you need to ensure that its occupants have good access to leisure activities and have various different food shops and restaurants that can all be accessed without the needs for a motor vehicle.  This type of analysis is fundamental to all as it has such a huge impact on the environment as well as individual health and wellbeing.

Outside of the conference, we experienced glorious weather, the previous two outings have been rather cold, with temperatures on or around freezing, this year we had temperatures over 20°c.  This allowed us to get out and explore the city, with trips to various museums and a few different watering holes.  Greg also helped to explain the rules of American football to us… though I think we need more training as there is a lot to take in!

Such was the success of TRB, we have booked a spot for next year already.  We are hoping that TRB 2021 will be even bigger as it will be celebrating its centennial year.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Dan has over 10 years experience as a Product Manager at Basemap looking at the full product life cycle using AGILE/SCRUM and liaises between key stakeholders and developers to ensure first class applications are built. He is the resident expert on data and software solutions that Basemap offer its clients.