TRACC V2.0 Summer Release 2021

TRACC V2.0 Summer Release 2021
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TRACC V2.0 Summer Release 2021

Great news, we have released another version of TRACC, you may even say this is perhaps our biggest yet! The reason you may say this is because you might find this one to be VERY different from our previous releases. Whilst it includes some new exciting features, improvements and minor fixes that users will really benefit from, they can be used inside an all new, modernised interface.

Before we dive into what new features and improvements are included, let’s take a quick look at what you’ll be faced with upon opening TRACC 2.0. You will be in for a shock of your life, but a good one we hope!


The biggest difference of the new interface is that it is composed of 3 themes; High Contrast, Light and Dark, all of which you can easily transition between in the Settings with TRACC updating immediately before your eyes.

The High Contrast was created to make TRACC more accessible for those with colour blindness, while the Light and Dark theme are in line with other Microsoft products, the choice is yours!








You may also notice that as you explore TRACC further that some items have moved positions but the functionality of these remain the same.

Keep reading to find out more about other major changes that have taken place.

New Features/Improvements:

Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL)

A brand new implementation of the feature responsible for assessing public transport connectivity. Although this feature is known for predominantly looking at travel in London, inside TRACC this can be used for any area.

Enhanced Output Report

If you’ve always wanted a quick high level summary of a public transport journey, then look no further. There is now a new option when setting up a calculation to provide the end CSV report with additional information outlining the breakdown of the journey itself. This includes; the time for each transport mode used, total wait time, total walking time and the number of interchanges required.  Please note this option requires a lot more computing resource, so use it wisely!

Service Analysis Report

Another enhancement for public transport journeys. This provides a separate report detailing the number of times a service is used for any one journey. Please note this option requires a lot more computing resource, so use it wisely!

Origin Destination Matching

A popular feature request; the ability to run calculations for specific OD pairs. Origins and Destinations can now be imported that have an ID against them so these can be paired with one another of the same ID for a calculation to look at these journeys only. Making the calculation run even faster as it doesn’t have to look at all journeys from every origin to every destination.

Route Lines

An adaptation to viewing the routes of public transport services. This allows you to generate a routeline for a route, which can also be exported out and used within other GIS applications.

Maximum Number of Interchanges

Another much requested addition where calculations are now capable of looking at journeys that are limited to the number of interchanges they can do as based on the user’s input.

OSDataHub Mapping

An additional map option that lets you use Ordnance Survey’s detailed maps as a background in TRACC with an API from either their OpenData, Premium or Public Sector Plans.

Zoom Levels

Each WMS background map comes with its own zoom levels. Now, if you’re using OpenStreetMap, Bing or OS’ detailed maps for your background, you will have access to the zoom levels specific to the map that is being used at the time. Once turned off, the zoom options will revert back to the default Scales that are setup in application settings.

ThinkGeo 12.0 Update

Introducing the latest Thinkgeo update means lots of changes to the MapSuite. What this simply means is you get to enjoy looking at the data in high quality.

Second Closest Road Link

For any accessible journey, origins and destinations need to connect to the closest road link within a specific walk distance. In some instances, a motorway link is the closest – which is impractical, obviously. As a result these journeys return as inaccessible. This is no longer the case where a second closest road will be used in such cases.

TXC V2.4/2.5 Importer

Ability to import versions 2.4 and 2.5 of TransXChange files in addition to the existing TXC importer for 2.1.

TXC V2.4/2.5 Exporter

Ability to export versions 2.4 and 2.5 of TransXChange files in addition to the existing TXC exporter for 2.1.


Those pesky row and column counts to generate contours are a thing of the past. Replacing it with a simplified way to interpolate the results using cell size.

Publish View

The Publish View window now has its own tab; a simple improvement making all the difference.



Background map in Publish View

A known issue of not being able to view WMS maps within Publish View window is no longer something to worry about.

Stop Hopping

A much needed fix done for the way that sneakily saw past the interchange penalty for public transport calculations by using stops within the 2km connection distance as stepping stones to bypass the penalty entirely

The Red X

On the odd occasion, users may have had a large X appear when making changes to the timetables which required closing the application to continue. With the latest UI changes made to the route and timetable windows, this is no longer a problem and you can edit with ease.

OS Highways and Paths

TRACC has fixed an issue where some paths were not used when utilising OS Highways and Path data.

Save As CSV Report Units

Walk, Cycle and Drive results that were directly saved as a CSV report showing the journey times in seconds are now appearing in minutes as expected.

Download the latest version now:

To upgrade, please uninstall TRACC and download the 64BIT version below, this should work on all machines, unless your operating system is 32 BIT.

64 BIT – Setup(X64)

Concurrent Licence Users

If you are one of our concurrent licence users, you can download the 64 BIT client from the link below

Concurrent 64 BIT – Setup(X64)


If you require the 32BIT version, please get in contact with TRACC support who will be able to assist.


If upgrading there should be no issues with pre-requirements as these remain the same.


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