TRACC Training Gone Digital 

TRACC Training Gone Digital 

TRACC Training Gone Digital 

I think we can all agree that many things have changed this year as part of the “new normal”. One of the more recent changes that we’ve applied to how we work at Basemap is the way we provide training for our TRACC users. 

Having led the TRACC training courses over the last few years, I can honestly say that the travelling was one of the best parts. The opportunity it gave me to explore areas of the UK was the highlight of the month which will be missed alas, the training must go on.     

Those who have attended previous courses will know that we provide you with the necessary tools for learning the basics, which of course was done in personAs it’s now a tad impractical to do most things this way, to make sure our users continue to get the most out of TRACC, training has now turned digital.  

We had our very first online course a few weeks ago, and I have to say, as everything is these days, it was quite different. On the course everyone would normally be given a laptop already prepared with TRACC and the relevant data. Seeing as our conventional method is no longer possible, we had to invent a new way to do this. (An aspect of the training I won’t miss, coming from the poor sod who used to carry these).  

We found a smart and practical method, which gives users access to TRACC and the same materials as before by connecting to an external server from the comfort of their own home. Next, was finding the best way to communicate that allowed for two way screensharing and attendees to ask questions. We decided to use GoToMeeting as it’s a software that most are familiar with and has a quick setupI found this to be particularly useful as users could follow my every move and easily change screens with those who needed support during the training.     

Thtransition to a fully digitized TRACC training course was a smooth one, largely due to the advancement of technology as it helped us to imitate a face to face course as best as possible. Without such technology we probably would have had to take a very different approachPerhaps the only thing that is missing is the social aspect of it all, but you would likely appreciate not listening to my jokes.  

Going forward we will continue to provide digital training both public and private courses as long as it makes sense to do so. The next one of which is on the 18th and 19th Novemberso sign up quickly before spaces run out. To find out more about this course or any future dates, please get in touch with your Account Manager or email us at  

Keziah is the Digital Marketing Executive at Basemap Ltd. She has almost 2 years experience in the digital realm after graduating from the University of Plymouth with a BA in Illustration and a MA in Publishing.