TRACC Licencing

We have three different types of TRACC licence available, these are outlined below helping you understand which licence can serve your organisation best,

Standard Desktop Licence

This licence covers use of TRACC on one machine, this machine must be physically accessed via a keyboard and mouse at the same location/terminal.  This cannot be accessed remotely, and the licence is unable to be moved between different machines.

Server/Remote access Licence

This type of licence is well suited when you want to access the application from a different location, for example you might have TRACC installed on a server in a different office, or installed centrally.  If you then access this licence using a remote desktop management tool, this is the licence you require.

Concurrent Licence

This allows TRACC to be installed on multiple machines, though only a licenced number of concurrent users can access the application at one time, for example you might have 20 machines with TRACC installed but only 1 concurrent licence, this means whenever any of the 20 machines has TRACC open, no other machines will be able to access the software.  TRACC can be access either remotely or via the standard desktop licence.

This type of licencing requires interaction with a licencing server, this is a small application that sits on a server on the network of the client, this needs to be accessed via the internal network.  This licence can work well if you want many offices to have access to TRACC, but it is unlikely many will need to access the software at the same time.

Corporate Licence

This type of licence removes restrictions related to number of machines the application can be installed on, this covers all the previous licences and is ideal if you want many users having access to TRACC at once without any restrictions being imposed.

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.