TRACC 2.0 Basemap Team Training

TRACC 2.0 Basemap Team Training

TRACC 2.0 Basemap Team Training

With a new release of TRACC comes a load of new features.

So, to ensure that our sales team have the most up-to-date knowledge of the system we set up a training day for them!

Product Specialist, Alex Laven, lead the session. Showing the team all the new and shiny features within TRACC.

Including the new PTAL calculation, which measures accessibility to bus stops and frequency of stops to give an accessibility score.

Or the new routines window, which visually indicates the public transport journeys when editing stops or routes.

TRACC 2.0 isn’t all about new, it’s also about improved, like our enhanced output functionality which gives even more information in your reports, or the service analysis reports which shows how frequently a route is used in an accessibility calculation.

But probably the most exciting thing that TRACC 2.0 brings to the table is the new UI. With three themes to choose from, light, dark or high contrast. High contrast accounts for an entirely different version of accessibility as it is specifically design with colour-blindness in mind.

We’ve also introduced tabs into some of the windows making it easier and simpler to switch between information – for example, the public transport window, allowing the user to easily swap between stop information and timetable, saving valuable seconds. And, it’s a lot easier to remember compared to previously having to close down the windows each time.

TRACC 2.0 isn’t available to the public just yet. So keep your eyes peeled for the big release date when you can get your hands on it and have a proper play of the new features and UI – find out which is your favourite theme, light, dark or high contrast!

Keziah is the Digital Marketing Executive at Basemap Ltd. She has almost 2 years experience in the digital realm after graduating from the University of Plymouth with a BA in Illustration and an MA in Publishing.