TRACC 1.3.4 Product Tip, Week 1 – Export Contour Per Destination in one go 

TRACC 1.3.4 Product Tip, Week 1 – Export Contour Per Destination in one go 

TRACC 1.3.4 Product Tip, Week 1 – Export Contour Per Destination in one go 

You may have read in our latest newsletter about some exciting new features as part of the most recent TRACC V1.3.4 release. You’re probably curious to know how these features actually work and what is the best way to make sure that you get the most out of the new features? A good old-fashioned product tipthat’s how! So here you go…. 

The product tip for this week is looking at one of the new features Export Contour Per DestinationThere is an existing feature that allows you to create contours for each destination called ‘Contour Per Destination’. This allows you to run a calculation with multiple destinations, then to re-query the result and create individual contours per each destination (or selection of destinations).  After the success of this, users have asked, is there a way we can export a contour for each destination without having to individually create each one in TRACC then to export it, so we listened and now you can! 

How to do this? 

Make sure you have some results ready from a calculation looking at journey times to multiple destinations.  

Previously, to save out the contour for several destinations, you would have to produce a contour and save the layer out as a shapefile for each individual destination.  

Now, all you have to do is select the result you want to export the contours for and select ‘Export Contour per Destination’.  


The application will ask you where you would like to save the contours on the machine.

 This will take you to the Result Visual Report window where you set the number of ranges and overall time range – this is applied to all contours.


Wait for the contours to be saved…. 

Once complete, go to the location you saved the contours. You should see a shapefile for every destination that was considered as part of the calculation. The names of the shapefile will refer to the name of the destination provided these were given when the destinations were setup. 

You can now use these shapefiles as well as customise them in other GIS applications or they can be added back into TRACC.  


To load the contours into TRACC, simply go to the ‘Add’ button which can be found in the home tab.  

Select the contour of your choice 



 The extent of the contour will appear on the screen. To customise, use the ‘Group and Style Layer’ option when you right click on the layer.  


Select which column you would like to customise – in this case it is ‘GridCellVa 

Now you can see that it uses the ranges that were chosen before the contours were exported. 


You can then go ahead and style the ranges using a colour scheme and transparency of your choice. 


See the result is below 



So now that you know how to save multiple contours in one go, get contouringMake sure to keep an eye out next week for more, as we will be posting another product tip on the new features – 

Export .cif by mode and Exporting non- suspended services only. 



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