TAC-ITS Canada joint conference – Halifax, Nova Scotia

TAC-ITS Canada joint conference – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Basemap Director Simon Court recently attended the 2019 TAC-ITS Canada Joint Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Here’s his experience at the event.

As the title suggests, TAC-ITS Canada was a joint conference held by the Transport Association of Canada and Intelligent Transportation Systems Society of Canada, which attracted delegates with all sorts of different interests in the transportation profession. I was there promoting our TRACC software on the Basemap stand surrounded by other stands promoting everything from traffic lights that melt snow to specialist bridge deck membrane.

The event organisers informed me that 1,500 people had booked to attend. Despite the variety of different interests there, I still managed to get great footfall from transport planners and other professionals with an interest in travel time analysis.

On the second day, I delivered a 20 minute presentation on using GIS to analyse public transport service changes, which seemed to go down very well with those attending.  I had quite a few people approach me afterwards who could not believe just how easy TRACC was to use for this type of analysis. During the presentation there were lots of nodding heads when I mentioned that, with TRACC, you did not have to rely on your modelling team to deliver the isochrones and demographic study data you need.

As it was so busy, I did not really have a chance to attend any other presentations as did not want to leave my stand. I think the highlight was the delegate dinner on the Monday night. Imagine a massive ballroom with tables full of people, all cracking into lobster! It was a great night and also had some excellent Irish dancing and music too.

All in all, what a great event and what a great city to host it. I think I will be definitely be going back to Halifax again.

Halifax Seafront - TAC-ITS