Speed Limit Data

Comprehensive, accurate & updated

Basemap have been collating data to add valuable information to Ordnance Survey’s premium products. The BM-SpeedLimits Dataset adds the missing jigsaw piece of detailed speed limit information to Ordnance Surveys ITN and Highways network.

The initial speed data was created using information from local authorities and has been updated from several detailed sources including police forces to ensure a high level of accuracy and is continually updated and perfected through a system of user feedback from sources such as telematics data.

BM-SpeedLimits works alongside our other TM-Speeds dataset to enable you to:

  • calculate congestion or where traffic is flowing freely
  • identify where people are speeding
  • view where restrictions are in place eg. outside schools

Purchasing BM Speedlimits

BM Speedlimits is sold through OS Partners, email commerialenquiries@os.uk to find out more.

 Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2016