PSMA and Big Data

PSMA and Big Data

PSMA regional event review

The Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) is holding a series of regional events across the UK for their members; public sector organisations. The PSMA works with its members and suppliers to ensure they technically deliver and meet the needs of the membership.

Basemap attended the event in York last week. We weren’t surprised at all to see that the main topic of conversation was about accessing big data from Ordnance Survey data which is free to PSMA members and Trafficmaster which is free to English local authorities.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive presented an excellent example of how they had linked up mapping, CRM and a consumer website. The Travel South Yorkshire website allows travellers to find the most appropriate ticket and use online travel tools to plan their journey to some of the region’s popular destinations.

The Big Data Challenge

The big challenge faced and discussed at the event is how to easily and quickly make sense of vast amounts of data.

Many members are currently either not benefiting from the information they could acquire or are spending a considerable amount of money with third parties, because they don’t have the expertise or solutions in-house to do this.

These challenges are exactly the ones that Basemap are helping both public and private sector clients to overcome, with products such as Highways Analyst and TRACC.

Highways Analyst and Trafficmaster

Highways Analyst is the new web tool from Basemap. It is enabling Traffic Calming Officers, Network Analysts and Transport Planners within Highways Departments to manage Trafficmaster data. The new users to this system are saying that they are able to very quickly create reports, which can be exported as images, CSV files, charts and shapefiles. It’s providing them with information that previously they either didn’t have or had to pay hefty consultancy fees for.

TRACC and Ordnance Survey

TRACC is used along with Ordnance Survey data by governments, local authorities, NHS, transport planners and other private sector companies, helping them to make informed business decisions such as optimal siting of key services, supporting planning decisions and measuring this impact of major transport infrastructure projects.

What’s your Big Data challenge?

Do let us know what your big data challenge is. How are you tackling it?

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