TRACC Webinars

Join one of our short TRACC webinars to see how travel time analysis is being used to improve decision making. These webinars will given an overview of TRACC, and talk through some key case studies.                        

How office relocation consultancies are using TRACC:                         21 Nov 14:00

How planning consultancies are using TRACC:                                          19 Nov 14:00

How transport consultancies are using TRACC:                                         26 Nov 14:00

How councils are using TRACC:                                                                          05 Nov 11:00

How universities are using TRACC:                                                                   12 Nov 11:00

How the NHS are using TRACC:                                                                          03 Dec 11:00



Highways Analyst Webinars

Join one of our regular Highways Analyst webinars to find out how local authorities are:

  • Working out where slow speeds/pinch points are on your network
  • Comparing the difference after road changes
  • Researching new schemes such as a bus lanes
  • Identifying changes to the network environment
  • Implementing a traffic enforcement scheme
  • Working out areas where people are speeding
  • Comparing car travel time with other modes of transport

These sessions can be viewed at your desk and will give a general overview of the application with plenty of time for questions to be asked, if one of these dates does not suit you, please get in contact and we can keep you up to date with upcoming dates.  Please click the links below to sign up: –

Next Webinar: 19 Nov 11:00