Product Tip: Exporting A Service Route

Product Tip: Exporting A Service Route

This product tip will talk through the process for exporting a route line in TRACC which is typically used when you are interested in a particular route or service. This functionality allows users to save the route line export as an independent shapefile layer which can then be styled and used as a comparative feature in projects or other GIS applications.

This is an important tool when looking at further analysis for stops of a particular route by loading them as destinations. It can also be used to visualise a proposed route over a contour displaying the improved accessibility if the proposal were to be implemented.

*Go to the PT Network tab and Select ‘Save’ – you can choose to save a service or the whole network

Save: Allows you to save a service or the whole network as a GTFS.

*Select ‘Service(s) as’

*Select the ‘Travel Mode’ or fill in the service details and click ‘Search’

*Select the correct service and ‘Export File (TXC/CIF)’ to save in location and Click ‘OK’

*Import a ‘New’ network in the PT Network tab and select the new saved file

*Choose a ‘Network Name’ and Select the correct ‘Travel Mode’

*Click ‘Ok’ – the route will appear in TRACC

To save as an independent layer, which can afterwards be styled by right clicking on the layer:

*Use the ‘Save As’ button in the Home tab, with the layer highlighted the stop points can be saved to machine as a SHAPE file or CSV points.




*Use the ‘Add’ button to bring back the layer as a SHAPE file, this can then be edited in TRACC and sits independently to the public transport network.


**Follow the same steps for importing as a ‘New Network’ if ‘Whole Network as GTFS’ is chosen