Consultancy saves time and money using TRACC

Consultancy saves time and money using TRACC

mode Transport Planning

The client

mode is a forward thinking transport planning consultancy, offering impartial and objective transportation planning advice and engineering design solutions to central, regional and local governments, agencies and developers.

Using technology as a competitive edge

mode embraces technology, such as Basemap’s TRACC, which enables them to stand out from their competitors and offer an outstanding service to their clients.

James Byrne, Principle Transport Planner at mode says, “The results generated by TRACC allows us to make better, more informed decisions on the deliverability of sites to both clients and local authorities.”

The problem – time consuming and lacking detail

Before mode implemented TRACC they had to manually trawl through bus timetables and Google maps. James says, “This was frustrating. Not only was it hugely time consuming, but the information gathered wasn’t nearly as in-depth or useful for overall decision making. Data only included car travel times and public transport. There were gaps, such as where or how far people could travel.”




The solution –TRACC

TRACC provides multi-modal information, including walking and cycling time. Walking to bus stops to fit in with bus times and public transport interchanges can be factored in.

For example, when working with a developer, a project might initially look congested and assumed to be unfeasible, but having run the data through TRACC this might not actually be the case. The results help the developer to make an informed decision about how to progress the scheme forward. James says, “We have found TRACC to be an invaluable tool when assessing various land uses and the time period function is particularly useful for assessing the accessibility of sites with different shift patterns.”

TRACC quickly and easily provides detailed results that are clear and concise

The map images that are produced from TRACC are incredibly powerful for demonstrating and explaining findings and results to non-technical people. This means that mode’s clients can easily understand and visualise the outputs.

TRACC is part of mode’s strategy

The use of TRACC has transformed the way in which mode is able to assess the accessibility credentials of a development site. The easy to use interface has allowed them to roll TRACC out across the company to be used on all projects going forward.

mode projects are now more profitable, because less time is spent collecting and collating information. This has allowed them to be more competitively priced. More in depth information and attractive pricing gives mode a competitive edge over other consultancies when bidding for work.





15th September 2015