Merseytravel saves time analysing traffic data

Merseytravel saves time analysing traffic data

+112 hours saved with Highways Analyst

“A similar piece of work on journey times along bus corridors using the Trafficmaster data took me about three weeks of work last year, which is a query I can run in a few minutes on Highways Analyst.”

Anthony Piccaro, Information & Intelligence Officer, Merseytravel


The Geographical Information System (GIS) team at Merseytravel didn’t have the right toolset to analyse Trafficmaster data efficiently. They chose to use Highways Analyst software from Basemap to analyse the data quickly and easily.
Analysing journey times previously took weeks, now queries can be run in minutes. Productivity has increased as a result and has saved money through consultancy fees and no hardware requirements.

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Merseytravel is the Executive body that provides professional, strategic and operational transport advice to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to enable it to make informed decisions. It is also the delivery arm, making transport happen.


Challenges facing Merseytravel

Anthony Piccaro, Information & Intelligence Officer at Merseytravel, previously spent a lot of time analysing Trafficmaster data. Each road link would need to be found and analysed individuallyLaborious data analysis was not an effective use of Piccaro’s time and meant that there was a lot of data preparation that was passed to consultants. Pinch points at junctions were previously reported on route by bus operators, which allowed for error.

The Solution – Highways Analyst

Highways Analyst is currently analysing bus corridors and discovering pinch points to improve bus journey times for Merseytravel.


The software increased productivity by saving +112 hours on one project!

Highways Analyst has reduced the time and cost associated with consultancy work involving journey time studies.
Data is exported using individual link information and shows information quickly across the network. It is a cloud based solution with no hardware implications, allowing Piccaro access anytime anywhere. Overall the analysis will help improve Liverpool City’s road network as Merseytravel now have visibility of the past 5 years and can more effectively plan future junction improvements.

“It’s been a boon, not just through increased productivity but also the ease of being able to see changes in journey times at a glance, and with a quick turnaround meaning I can just run a quick query to check the TM data rather than have to do some laborious data analysis just to see if and how things have changed. GUI is simple and being able to export reports in a number of formats has meant I can tailor data output to the work I’m doing.”

Anthony Piccaro, Information & Intelligence Officer, Merseytravel

21st June 2016