Edinburgh Tram

Edinburgh Tram


Edinburgh Trams are operated by Transport for Edinburgh. It is a 14-kilometre (8.7 mi) line between York Place in New Town and Edinburgh Airport, with 15 stops.
Construction began in June 2008, and after encountering delays it opened on 31 May 2014. The scheme had an initial estimated cost of £375 million in 2003, but by May 2008, when contracts were signed, the cost had risen to £521 million. The final cost after delays was £776 million.

Without Tram

TRACC – accurate, multimodal travel time analysis
A study was completed using Basemap’s TRACC software with the July 2014 release of public transport data, to see the effect of the tram on travel access to Edinburgh airport. The results seemed to show that over an hour only around 455 people’s journey times were positively affected by the tram- no big difference at all. Fast forward two years and the calculations were re-run using January 2016 public transport data, to see if any improvements had been made. See if you can spot the difference.

With Tram

Does the tram improve journey times?

The second image uses census data to show the difference in population:

  • over 30 minutes an extra 6,371 people can access the airport faster
  • 20,384 more people can access the airport in under an hour
26th September 2014