Relocation, relocation, relocation – why relocating offices doesn’t have to be stressful

Relocation, relocation, relocation – why relocating offices doesn’t have to be stressful

Elliot Samson, Business Development and Account Manager, explains how office relocation’s don’t have to be stressful thanks to our TRACC software.

Moving offices can be an exciting time that presents an opportunity for a fresh start. It also gives you a chance to revamp your business, motivate your staff and save some money. Office relocation opens new doors to improving your staff. More space, a nicer office or a better location makes it easier to improve your personnel and may also assist you when employing additional staff, allowing you to expand your workforce.

New, brighter and better offices will impress prospective employees and clients alike, and signals success, determination and growth.

Our TRACC software assists company’s relocations by analysing the employees travel times to potential office locations whilst also looking at other factors that could affect the relocation.

What is travel time analysis?

Employee travel time analysis is a study that analyses employee’s daily commute: what time they travel, route taken, mode of transport and time spent travelling to work. All of theses factors need to be taken into consideration to ensure accurate results.

Current office
New office

How it works?

The first step when conducting an employee travel time analysis is to understand where your staff live. Nowadays, the human resources department often maintains a database of employee residential addresses. Using a list of anonymous postal codes for privacy considerations you can easily upload this information to TRACC to start your analysis.

The second step involves calculating the average time spent in traffic during rush hours from each employee’s home to office. Using the transport data and road networks available through our DataCutter application, TRACC can extract navigation results for driving, cycling, walking and public transportation. Once the data is collected, not only can it identify the statistical distribution of each employee’s commute time, but also simulate the actual route everyone takes.

Looking to move office? 

If you’re deciding between multiple different new office sites, a travel time analysis report can help identify the true cost of each option. As TRACC uses accurate and up-to-date information, results will be able to assist you in making the right decision as getting it wrong can prove very costly!

Do your employees often travel overseas? You may want to consider the travel time between potential office locations and airports.

How else can TRACC assist employers?

As well as analysing commute times TRACC can also supply you with other outputs that can be useful to both employees and employers. Click on any of the headings below to find out more.

Promote Active Travel Plans

Encouraging cycling and walking to work helps tackle the business costs of congestion, reduces pollution and can result in a healthier, more productive workforce. TRACC can analyse walking and cycle routes to work and offer your employees accurate travel plans.

Flexible Work Hours/ Work From Home

If you’re based in a busy city where the commute can take over an hour each way during the height of the rush hour, you can analyse what it would be like at other times of the day. This can help you decide if you want to offer flexible working hours or a work from home option.

Catchment Maps

This can assist you when looking at major transport hubs that are located near to your office or other office sites, for example client’s or suppliers offices.

Individual Journey Report

Offer staff individual journey reports which detail the best way to access the office, and the best time to catch a bus or train.

Demographic Analysis

Using census data, TRACC can assist when comparing demographic data and the location of the office. As an example, you can see how many people with a social grade AB can access the office within 60 minutes – allowing you to move closer to large talent pools.

Car Parking Permit Allocation

This is important if you have an office with a lot of staff but not enough parking spaces. Using TRACC, you can analyse the travel time to your office and offer a permit to someone who, for example, cannot access the office using public transport within a certain time scale.

Shuttle Bus Service

If you’re considering putting on a shuttle service from a station or from an off site car park, you can add a new bus service and time table in TRACC to then see what impact it will have on the daily commute for employees.

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