October Visualisation: Haunted Roads Trips

October Visualisation: Haunted Roads Trips

October Visualisation: Haunted Roads Trips

With Trick or Treating looking ever-more unlikely this year, we’ve found an alternative that can be done in households… Haunted Road Trips. For this month’s visualisation blog we used our Electric Vehicle Routing software (EVR) to find the most effective route to visit as many haunted locations in your area as possible within 24 hours.

Using the “Most haunted locations in the UK” as a starting point these were divided into 4 groups, an approximate north, south, east and west grouping. Each group has a city central location to begin and end the route.

Designed for delivering parcels, EVR uses addresses and a depot to calculate the most efficient route accounting for battery range. It considers the road speed, distance, load of the vehicle and gradient of the road to calculate battery discharge rates to eliminate range anxiety. Change delivery locations to haunted mansions and we are good to go.

Our maps look a little different this month with a lot of extra information around the edge. EVR specialises in electric vehicle journeys, but can also include diesel, petrol, and hybrid vehicles. The blue to green bar at the top of the map shows the statistics from the journey. The cost is in terms of electricity or fuel. Our calculations were completed on electric vehicles and therefore the CO2 and NO2 outputs are both zero. The red box on the right shows the number of parcels on the route, the number of miles on the route, and the number of charges for the route on a 150-mile capacity battery.

Beneath the red box is the route planner: the order of spooky locations on the journey and running along the bottom left to right are corresponding images. And just for a bit of added fun, the ghost symbol appears on the journey when the battery would be dead, and in need of a charging point.

This route hits 9 haunted locations, starting in Edinburgh, across to Glasgow, down all the way to Preston, east to Hull and follows the coast right up to Alnwick before heading back to Edinburgh.

1. Glasgow Necropolis
2. Muncaster Castle
3. Samlesbury Hall
4. Pendle Hill
5. Barmston Drain
6. Whitby Abbey and St Mary’s Church
7. Chillingham Castle
8. South Bridge Vaults
9. Edinburgh Castle


Starting in London, this is our most densely populated ghostly route with a total of 9 hauntings in 241 miles in comparison to the 9 parcels in 594 miles in the northern route. The depot is in Slough, the first stop is the classic Hampton Court Palace followed by a whole haunted village (Pluckley), and then up to Norwich via Sudbury, down to Clacton-on-Sea, and then heads back through London to Slough.

1. Hampton Court Palace
2. St Nicholas’ Church
3. Borley Rectory
4. Blickling Hall
5. Felbrigg Hall
6. Blythburgh Church
7. St Osyth Park
8. Tower of London
9. Highgate Cemetery

The southern route is more specifically in the South West, starting in Plymouth this is our least scary route with only 4 locations. From Plymouth we head up to Yelverton, across into Cornwall, then all the way east above Dartmoor to Wareham and back down to Totnes.1. Buckland Abbey
2. Jamaica Inn
3. Corfe Castle
4. Berry Pomeroy

The west route is our shortest route of only 236 miles. Starting in Gloucester, the heading east to Banbury, down to Marlborough, and back across west all the way into Wales before heading back into Gloucester.1. Edgehill
2. Avebury
3. Woodchester Mansion
4. The Ancient Ram Inn
5. St Briavels
6. Llanthony Priory
7. Skirrid Mountain Inn

What I’ve learned from looking at all of these haunted places, is don’t go anywhere with hill in the name; HILL House, Pendle HILL, Tower HILL, CastleHILL, EdgeHILL, CHILLingham Castle.

Or I suppose if these haunted happenings weren’t enough and you wanted to be really scared, you could always turn on the news.

Keziah is the Digital Marketing Executive at Basemap Ltd. She has almost 2 years experience in the digital realm after graduating from the University of Plymouth with a BA in Illustration and a MA in Publishing.