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  • TRACC Web Launched! 

    By on 6th October 2020

    TRACC Web Launched! TRACC Web is TRACC for your web browser. With all the same functionality of TRACC, accessible...

  • Transport Canada team up with Basemap

    By on 20th August 2020

    Transport Canada is working closely with the Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority (HOPA) on a supply chain visibility platform. There...

  • TRACC V1.3.4 Summer Release 2020 

    By on 20th July 2020

    TRACC V1.3.4 Summer Release 2020  We have recently released a new version of TRACC with some great new features, improvements, and fixes. But...

  • Let’s Get Quizzical! with Basemap

    By on 1st May 2020

    Let’s Get Quizzical! with Basemap Here at Basemap we have tried to stay connected while working from home. Yesterday...

  • PMQs at G Live with the Basemap Team

    By on 5th March 2020

    Last night the team took a trip to G live for their monthly PMQs (Pie, Mash and Quiz, of...

  • 700th DataCutter User

    By on 21st February 2020

    We are really excited to have our 700th user signed up to DataCutter, we have had a steady influx...

  • TRACC Training in Dorset

    By on 18th February 2020

    It certainly was nice to visit Dorset last week to undertake another TRACC training course.  The council were really...

  • A Christmas trip to Exeter!

    By on 4th December 2019

    Leading a TRACC training course for Devon County Council last week meant I could finally visit Exeter for the...

  • TRACC Version 1.3.2 Release

    By on 15th October 2019

    Basemap are delighted to announce TRACC V1.3.2 has been released, this minor release includes some new functionality and increased...

  • New Press Release: Basemap TRACC Software provides a new approach to accessibility analysis for St. Louis region

    By on 9th September 2019

    East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWG) required a new way to assess accessibility across their St Louis region which...