Route Lines

Exclusively from Basemap, detailed, accurate route lines for all bus and coach services across Great Britain

Visualisation of Bus and Coach Route Lines

Basemap can provide digitised bus and coach route lines based upon a road derived shortest path between stop sequences.

  • Full bus and coach data available for England, Scotland and Wales based upon recent public transport data (TNDS/NCSD)
  • Data includes frequency data (number services per hour) for twelve weekly time periods. See how service frequencies change throughout the day
  • Visualise bus operator territories or view funded and commercial routes
  • A great back drop for TRACC travel time maps with the bus network overlaid over travel time contours

Options available:

  • Request the full GB dataset for your GIS based upon latest OS Open Roads (MapInfo or ESRI formats)
  • Request access to the Basemap DataCutter and download route lines for specific areas
  • Request custom route line data using more accurate client road networks (MasterMap ITN, HERE etc) from Basemap
  • Request frequency maps to be provided as image files