OS MasterMap® Highways Network

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OS MasterMap® Highways Network is the most complete, detailed and accurate navigable road network dataset for Great Britain, ideally suited to help power essential routing programs such as TRACC.

  • Base your route calculations for planning, analysis or in-vehicle instruction on the most detailed, current and high quality information available.
  • Avoid complaints from customers about obsolete data – detailed information on roads, planned roads and roads under construction.
  • Take advantage of full interoperability with other OS MasterMap layers – includes all of the roads shown in the Topography Layer.
  • If you’re in the public sector, your organisation can use it at no extra charge thanks to the public sector geospatial agreement (PSGA) RS2691_Integrated_Transport_Network_1

Road Restriction Information

OS MasterMap® Highways Network comes with an option to purchase RAMI. This includes detailed restriction and routing information. This contains over a million banned turns, one-way streets, time or vehicle-based restrictions – ideal for detailed, intelligent routing algorithms like the ones used in TRACC.

OS MasterMap® Highways Network – Paths

OS MasterMap® Highways Network – Paths is the most accurate and authoritative path network dataset for Great Britain. It reveals who’s responsible for all the footpaths through towns and cities. Paths is a collection of data from authoritative sources who manage and maintain the network within our towns and cities. This links to the Highways network to give detailed information on walking and cycling routes, helping to provide TRACC with a full road and footpath network for routing, built from authoritative data.

Speed Data

The OS MasterMap® Highways Network does not come with any speed data, both average speed data across different times of day and the speed limit can be purchased separately through OS Partners to append to this data, giving you, the user, the complete view of the road. See our TM Speeds and BM Speed limit pages for more information.

LayoutQuality that does not cost the earth

The data can be purchased directly through DataCutter per KM/2 with pricing available to provide the data as either: –

  • OS MasterMap Highways Network – Routing and Asset Management
  • OS MasterMap Highways Network – Paths

The pricing is based on the density of the terrain underneath and the number of terminals/machines you want to install the data on. The whole process is seamless and can be managed via DataCutter with pricing for many towns costing only a few hundred pounds.

The data can be easily quoted and purchased using our DataCutter: –

Buy OS MasterMap® Highways Network Data