Integrated Transport Network Layer (ITN) and Urban Paths

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The ITN dataset from Ordnance survey is their flagship road product, ideally suited to help power essential routing programs such as TRACC.  The most current and complete network view of Great Britain’s roads available today, ITN Layer comprises some 550,000 km of roads.

  • Base your route calculatRS2691_Integrated_Transport_Network_1ions for planning, analysis or in-vehicle instruction on the most detailed, current and high quality information available.
  • Avoid complaints from customers about obsolete data – Ordnance Survey survey new roads and changes within six months of completion on the ground.
  • Take advantage of full interoperability with other OS MasterMap layers – ITN Layer includes all of the roads shown in the Topography Layer.
  • If you’re in the public sector, your organisation can use it at no extra charge thanks to the public sector mapping agreement (PSMA) or OSMA in Scotland.

Road Restriction Information

ITN Layer catalogues over a million banned turns, one-way streets, time or vehicle-based restrictions – ideal for detailed, intelligent routing algorithms like the ones used in TRACC.

Urban paths

Your routing can cater for walkers and cyclists as well as cars and trucks, thanks to our dataset of pedestrian routes across towns in Britain.  TRACC has its own Urban Path data importer.

Comprehensive coverage

Motorways, A roads, B roads, minor roads, local streets and private roads – all are captured to an exacting specification.

LayoutQuality that does not cost the earth

The ITN and Urban Path data can be supplied per KM/2 with pricing available to provide the data as either: –

  • Road Network Only
  • Road Network with Road Restriction Information
  • Road Network with Road Restriction Information and Urban Paths

The pricing is based on the density of the terrain underneath – with these categories into High, Medium and Low and is then based on a cost per km/2.  Pricing starts at just 10p per km/2 in low density areas.

The data can be easily quoted and purchased using our DataCutter: –

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