INRIX Speed Data

INRIX – Driving Intelligence

If you ever need to generate how long getting from A to B by car is going to take, you need a detailed speed dataset to sit underneath it.  INRIX is a dataset that’s collated from billions of observed GPS devices and then split out into five different time periods: –

  • PEAK

These can then be supplied as just small vehicle speeds, truck speeds or a combination of either of these.  The great thing about INRIX is that it offers a speed value for every small road in Great Britain; it does this by averaging out the surrounding speeds so that you have a full routable network.

Typical Uses

We have clients using the data in software such as TRACC to generate drive time isochrones.  Other used for this data is route optimisation showing which route is best to go at varying times of the day.

Underlying Road Network

INRIX is just the speed dataset, to get this to work in a piece of software you require an underlying road network.  This can be attached to three different road networks: –

Meridian 2

This is the OpenData release from Ordnance Survey; the road network contains the minimal road network possible with cul-de-sacs less than 200m not included.  You can however create fairly decent drive time catchments using this data.  This data is supplied as a SHAPE file with the speeds appended to the network.  Prices start from £5,260 + VAT for full GB coverage with countries available also.

OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer (ITN)

This is the premium dataset from Ordnance Survey, for more information on this please see our product page where we re-sell this dataset.  The cost for this ranges and will require you to have an underlying ITN licence.  Please contact us for a detailed quote.  This is popular for the NHS and councils in Wales and Scotland who are members of the PSMA or OSMA.


This is the most detailed road product we resell that isn’t from Ordnance Survey.  Many flavours of HERE can be purchased through us, however the most popular is HERE Base Streets with the INRIX Small Vehicles plus, this starts from £11,520 + VAT for a five user licence of the HERE data and a 1 user licence for the INRIX data.  This is supplied at GB level with all five time periods, smaller regions and time periods are available, please contact us for more information.