Flexibility is the key in
developing software that imports a wide
variety of data formats

Take comfort that our software is compatible with data sets from the main providers

To enable you to get the most out of your investment in TRACC , Basemap sells a comprehensive range of data from a variety of data providers, including Ordnance Survey, which can be imported into TRACC as well as other GIS tools. Data available includes:


Digital Road Networks:

This data is used for car, cycle or walking analysis. Different levels of detail are available from Meridian 2 through to premium products such as the ITN datasets


Road Speed Information:

To supplement your digital road network Basemap can provide detailed observed average speeds or speed limits for individual sections of roads. This will significantly increase the accuracy of drive time analysis


Digital Map Tiles:

Effectively a digital version of a map, it varies in quality from the free 1:250 K data (100km tiles) down to the detailed level of 1:10 k and Mastermap Imagery


Destination Data:

  • This data provides detailed information on the location of millions of points of interest including hospitals, schools, retail outlets, doctors surgeries, gyms, car parks, roadside telephones and pharmacies

Public Transport Data:

  • Basemap compiles the National Public Transport Data Repository (NPTDR) on a quarterly basis.  This data contains the location of transport stops (NAPTAN) along with full detailed timetable information that shows the arrival and departure times for various transport modes.  NPTDR is available across a range of geographical areas from region (for example South West England) to individual cities which can be loaded directly into Visography TRACC.  For more information click here.

Bus Route Line Data:

Road derived lines showing the route of all buses in an area.  Addition frequency data is provided.  Data can be used for background mapping or for visualisation of the frequency of bus services

Basemap has extensive expertise with all these data types and can tailor the data or create specific datasets as required.

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