June Visualisation – 24 hours to Leeds A&E

June Visualisation – 24 hours to Leeds A&E

June Visualisation – 24 hours to Leeds A&E


Last month we created GIFs to show a before and after visual representing the congestion on certain junctions before and during lockdown.

This month we are expanding the idea of comparing maps through different mediums, from GIFs to video. Looking at the public transport accessibility throughout an entire day.

More specifically, the public transport accessibility within 30 minutes of two hospitals in Leeds.  

The destinations at the epicenter of this blog are Leeds General Infirmary and St. James’s University Hospital. In the heart of a city, the accessibility should be expansive.

Initially, we broke the time into 24 hour-segments and ran individual travel time calculations for each hour. The accessibility ranges were divided into three ten-minute bands. After exporting the data into QGIS, we customised the background maps and the colours of the travel time rangeswhich reflect the look of the sky at that time of day. The background mapping being the sky and the contour being the sun and moon through sunrise to sunset. 

With the fully exported maps stitched together in Adobe Premier*, the video was complete.

At the beginning of the day, the accessibility is very low, showing a spike to the North-West, indicating a night service still in effect. At 1am this stops and at this point only shows the walking accessibility. This continues until 5am when the contour explodes onto the screen, covering far reaches of the map.

The accessibility slightly decreases as we head towards the AM peak where bus services slow to account for the increased traffic. The accessibility starts to gain more coverage at 10 and as we move towards midday and through to the afternoon.

The PM peak mimics that of the AM peaks showing a decrease in the accessibility contour. This gradually increases throughout the evening as the traffic moves more freely and there are still plenty of buses and trains running. The last few hours of the day show only the night service accessibility before looping back round to start the whole day over again. 

So, I suppose what we have learnt from all of this is… don’t have an accident or emergency in Leeds between 1am and 5am.


* Many free video editing options can be found online. 

Keziah is the Digital Marketing Executive at Basemap Ltd. She has almost 2 years experience in the digital realm after graduating from the University of Plymouth with a BA in Illustration and an MA in Publishing.