In conversation with Greg McEwen

In conversation with Greg McEwen

In conversation with Greg McEwen

Greg is supporting the growth of Basemap in the US. Operating under the name Centerpoint Analytics, based in Boston, MA, he covers the eastern half of the US and Canada.

How did you first get introduced to TRACC?

Greg McEwen - Centerpoint Analytics

I was first introduced to the folks at Basemap, UK at the TAC (Transportation Association of Canada) conference in Halifax last year, where I attended a fascinating presentation on their TRACC software and its success in the UK. I immediately recognized the potential for the North American market and pretty much spent the remainder of the conference at Basemap’s trade show booth gaining an understanding of the TRACC product and its applications. From that point I knew I wanted to be involved with TRACC and shortly after formed Centerpoint Analytics, LLC.

Why are you excited by working with Basemap?

A couple of reasons, first the people. Prior to signing an agreement, I spent time going through comprehensive product training in the UK and working the TRB conference in Washington, DC where I got to know Dan Saunders and the rest of the team. The people at Basemap made me feel welcome I knew I would get all the support I needed. I like and trust these folks.

Second, the product. Their TRACC software has a stellar reputation in the UK and is widely used. In North America TRACC is just getting started so I see this as a fantastic opportunity to leverage an already successful product story.

What are Centerpoint Analytics looking to do in North America?

As North American’s lessen their reliance the automobile in urban centers more investment in Public Transportation is inevitable. Products like TRACC and its advanced multi-modal travel time analysis and accessibility tools will play an important role in understanding the complex effects any changes will have on overall transportation networks. These days data is king, and TRACC helps visualize the data.

What did you do in life before Centerpoint Analytics?

I have been working with transportation engineers and city planners for the last 25 years, both here in the US and in the UK where I lived for 5 years. I am proud to have been involved in such projects as introducing the first colored bus and bike lanes into NYC and the reconfiguration of Times Square.

Greg McEwen has over 25 years of the transportation industry, working with transportation engineers. Centerpoint Analytics LLC was launch in January 2020 to bring Basemap’s TRACC software North America’s east coast.

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