How to export a selected links and route report in Highways Analyst

How to export a selected links and route report in Highways Analyst

Our Product Specialist Alex has put together a helpful product tip showing how you can easily export route and selected links reports within Highways Analyst.

Route Report

This report should only be done when looking at a route that is entirely a horizontal or vertical direction e.g. Westbound or Eastbound

Once a straight route has been selected, this can be exported using the ‘Route’ option under ‘Tabular Report’. The report will split the links according to Side One and Side Two.

To find out which direction is Side One and Side Two, hover over the first and/or last link selected for one side in HA to find the average speed, (40.39 as in the example).

Unfortunately, this report cannot be done on routes that go in several directions as shown below.

Find the same speed in either Side One or Two in the route report. Using the example below, you can determine that the speed for the first link selected lies within Side One, making this Eastbound and Side Two Westbound.

If a route export is done for a route like the above (only one side selected), you will find that the report will split into two sides when only one side should be exported. The reason being is that the route is going in two different directions, Northbound and Westbound, and is essentially going back on itself. It is best to not create a route report for routes such as this and do a selected links report instead.

However, if you wish to create a route report for such routes you will need to create a separate report for every direction that the route takes. See below:

Select the links on “Broad Lane” alone and export a route report.

Select the links on “London Road” and export a separate report for these. The links and corresponding data should now be as you would expect.

Selected Links Report

Before exporting a ‘Selected Links’ report, it is best to run a query for an area, highlight the (left hand) side of the road that is of interest and save the links selected.

To save the selected links, select the ‘Save Selection’ option at the bottom of the left toolbar.


Once saved, go to the wizard and select ‘Custom’, choose the links you saved…..

…and run through a query again. By doing this it allows you to view specific routes quickly and avoids having to run a query for an entire area every time you log on.
Once the saved route is visible, make sure to select the route in order and export a selected links report, you should get something similar to below:

The links selected will be exported in the correct order, provided they were selected this way in HA.

Note: this report will not split links according to Side One and Side Two as the route report does. You will also notice that the average speed column for either side A or B will be blank depending on which side of links of a route were exported.

Once you have done this for one side of links, you will need to repeat the process for the opposite side.
Run a query for the area, find the same road and highlight the links on the opposite (right hand) side.

Save the links using the ‘Save Selection’ option and re-run through the query using ‘Custom’ in the wizard…

Once the saved links have loaded, select the links in order and generate a ‘Selected Links’ report.

Note: the average speed column for side B is blank as this was exported in the previous example. However, reports can also be a combination of both, but should only ever have an A or B figure per line.