Highways Analyst

Detailed traffic data visualisation

Highways Analyst is a quick, easy and cost effective solution to analyse Trafficmaster data

Why Highways Analyst?

Save time

Analyse your study area in less than 10 seconds (depending on size)

Easy to use

No training required and easy to analyse results

Save money

– No need to hire specialist database services
– No requirement to outsource to 3rd party consultancies
– No need to purchase and maintain expensive IT Hardware


Cloud based with anytime; anywhere website login


Data is securely held in Basemap’s cloud data centre

“It’s been a boon, not just through increased productivity but also the ease of being able to see changes in journey times at a glance, and with a quick turnaround meaning I can just run a quick query to check the TM data rather than have to do some laborious data analysis just to see if and how things have changed.”

Anthony Piccaro, Information & Intelligence Officer, Merseytravel

In partnership with Trafficmaster

Trafficmaster data is analysed by Highways Analyst, giving an indication towards congested locations, using GPS speeds to work out the speed of traffic on different days and times. Find out more about Trafficmaster data

Who uses Highways Analyst?

  • Transport Planners
  • Road surveyors
  • Network Analysts
  • Road safety officers
  • Highways Departments