Highways Analyst Winter 2020 Release

Highways Analyst Winter 2020 Release

We have just released a new version of Highways Analyst which has some exciting new features and improvements. These new changes are outlined below:

New Features:


This brand-new feature allows you to map out the fastest route following the direction of road between a start point (A) and end point (B) based on quickest time.  You can then re-route the path by dragging the route via a waypoint.  We think that this amazing and much needed tool will make it faster and easier to produce and export routes as a shapefile or report.

Enable Percentile

This is a feature separate to the existing percentile option found in the Calculation wizard. You can find this in the Tabular Report window and will allow users to enable a percentile when exporting the results. Note that this will re-run the original query so is best used for selected links, also if you selected percentile during the wizard, this will be ignored as part of the run.


Internet Explorer/Supported Browsers

When it comes to web browsers, we do not support Internet Explorer and suggest that you use Chrome, Firefox and Edge. When users attempt to login into Highways Analyst using IE, a notification will appear recommending users to use an alternative browser.

Selected Links Report

Links are now ordered chronologically as displayed or selected on the map. This will be particularly useful when in waypoint mode and exporting the results for a specific route.

Removal of Route Report

The route option has now been removed alongside the introduction of the new Waypoint feature, as you can download the report for a route with the Selected Links report instead.

Minor changes have also been made to the Selected Area Report and Polyline Selection Tool.

There is a product tip which will detail how to make use of the two new features, Waypoint and Enable Percentile. To ensure existing users get the most out of these changes take a look at the new and improved Help Guide, which can be found in Highways Analyst

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