Highways Analyst – Autumn 2017 Release

Highways Analyst Autumn 2017 Release


We have released the latest version of Highways Analyst, we have some great new features and have improved a few items in this release.  These are explained below: –

Route Export

Our new feature is the much-requested route export, this allows a route to be exported and summarised by direction.  We have a handy product tip that explains how you can make use of this.

Chart Improvements

The chart has been improved to allow for better exporting, also now allowing the percentile change to be included on the export.

Improved Selection

We have a new Selected Area Export, if you are zoomed out and so are only able to select the major roads that are being displayed on the map, if you choose the Selected Area export all minor roads within this area can now be exported.

Custom Boundary

We have improved the custom boundary upload options, these allow both CSV files of ITN links to be imported and saved for re-use in Highways Analyst, or a specific saved boundary can be uploaded from a SHAPE file for future use in the system.  Giving you greater control over your data.

ITN Link improvements

We have improved the matching to the ITN network, now links have both a start and end date attached to them, this will stop duplicate links with zero speeds being exported from the data.  We also now allow the selection of Major and Minor roads, Major being roads managed centrally and Minor being local authority managed roads, this is only available from 2016.  Both of these features require data to be re-loaded into Highways Analyst, once an organisation has been updated our support team will let you know.  The system will continue to function as normal until your organisation is completed.


Along with these improvements the quick start guide and help guide have both been updated.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the team at Basemap.

Dan has over 10 years experience as a Product Manager at Basemap looking at the full product life cycle using AGILE/SCRUM and liaises between key stakeholders and developers to ensure first class applications are built. He is the resident expert on data and software solutions that Basemap offer its clients.