The Great British Rail Sale!

The Great British Rail Sale!

With the news of a month-long discount campaign from National Rail lasting from 25 April to 27 May 2022 comes as a welcome surprise for much of Great Britain. This means leaving your front doorstep to explore British cities can be an affordable reality for many of us again this Spring. Wondered where to use your discounts by filtering journey times? We have created a coloured map of the Top 8 Cities in TRACC by Off-Peak Rail Access, broken down by Hourly time taken to reach.

  1. Birmingham
    Due to its primary hub in what’s defined as “Central England”, and being the second biggest city by population in England, Birmingham connects to many areas across London, South Wales, South Coast and Manchester. These places are reachable between 2-4 hours with relative ease.



2. Cardiff

Despite never being famed for its multi directional connections, Cardiff has a surprising number of locations within a 2-4 hour reach including Berkshire, London, North Wales and The Midlands.




3. Edinburgh

Similar to Cardiff, Edinburgh, renowned for its roaring culture and history has strong rail access to other cities in south and Central Scotland within 2-4 hours, as well as Cumbria and North Yorkshire and London only just outside of this window!

4. Glasgow

Situated on the River Clyde, this thriving Medieval city is the largest in Scotland and has excellent connections to Central Scotland, Newcastle as well as the North East of England, however further than Lancashire can be over several hours for railway journeys and Kent shows much poorer access than neighbouring Edinburgh.





5. Leeds

Considered to be one of the gems of the North, not only due to the city being a marriage of Victorian buildings and rolling countryside, Leeds has one of the strongest links to the rest of country including Tyneside, Cumbria, Manchester, Liverpool as well as half-day travel coverage to the Midlands and North London.





6. London

Being the main hub with one of the highest-speed railway lines in Europe, there are hassle-free routes to the South Coast, Midlands, Manchester as well as East Midlands and Yorkshire all from the Capital.





7. Manchester

The third most populous UK City, Central Manchester covers a large span within the 2-4 hour window including most of Wales, Yorkshire, Scotland and Central London.









8. Newcastle

The links from Tyneside are robust to Yorkshire, Manchester, Liverpool as well as Birmingham with just over a 4-hour connection to most of Central London, however, most of Wales, Devon & Cornwall are  further journeys.









For more information about the half price tickets visit the BBC website here.