Creating a Route in Highways Analyst

Highways Analyst Product Tip – Creating a Route

Want to know how to use the new Export a route option in Highways Analyst?

The latest release of Highways Analyst allows a brand new type of export, this is a route export which will sort the exported links out into directional information, thus giving a Northbound/Southbound or a Eastbound/Westbound summary export.  This export will show either as side 1 or 2.  This tip will explain how to do complete this.  The first stage is to run the calculation as normal.  After completing use the line tool to select the route like in the example below, note a route has to be in one direction, it cannot have any parts that go back on itself: –


The next stage is to select tabular report at the top of the page and export the file out of Highways Analyst


This will then give you an Excel/CSV file with each of the routes summarised like the following image: –


Let us know how you got on, or get in touch with support if you have any issues.

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