In Conversation with Kerri Skinner.

In Conversation with Kerri Skinner.

In Conversation with Kerri Skinner.

Kerri Skinner joined the Basemap team, in January 2021, in the role of International Sales Representative. TRACC is already widely used in the UK and has some licences in North America, Europe, India and New Zealand, it’s Kerri’s opportunity to show the world what TRACC can do. With international compatibilities TRACC is perfectly poised to be facilitating quick and accurate calculations for governments, businesses and organisations, worldwide.

What did you do in life before Basemap?

I have been in sales and account management for around 17 years. The last 10 years my career has been solely dedicated to the sale of complex IT solutions as well as client retention. I have adopted a consultative sales approach and spend time with my clients to listen and understand their unique goals and objectives. The TRACC Software, whilst somewhat in-line with my experience, takes me far enough out of my comfort zone to offer an exciting new challenge.

Why are you excited by working with Basemap and TRACC?

It goes without saying the first cause for my excitement in working with Basemap is the people. Throughout the recruiting process and my onboarding, despite the digital limitations, I have felt a strong sense of support and have already formed solid connections with people at the company. It is a privilege to work with such driven and knowledgeable colleagues.

Secondly, with the need for sustainable transportation and accessibility for all citizens being on the forefront of most countries agendas, a system such as TRACC is a game changer. I am excited to be able to take this product to the international market and share the many years of knowledge and skills the Basemap team has to offer. I am looking forward to the diversity and complexity of the problems our future clients will need to solve with the help of TRACC.

Which country are you most excited to get involved with first?

A simple answer would be, North America, Basemap has already formed relationships there and TRACC has been successfully utilised in a number of projects throughout the country. However, from looking at the success Basemap has had in the UK, it has highlighted several areas for me to focus on globally. Countries that are ranked as leaders in public transport systems and in their approach to access planning, such as North America, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France etc. will all certainly have a need for the TRACC system.


What do you like about being a sales rep?

I was born and raised in South Africa, back in my teenage years it was seen almost as a rite of passage to become a waitress when you reached a certain age. From that young age I realised that I thrive when working with people and forming one on one connections.

As I grew older, I understood a person will only buy if their life will be improved in some way through that purchase, being the person responsible for that sale and in turn the improvement on your customers life, is extremely rewarding and something I strive to achieve every day.


How are you finding the move to England?


As I moved to the UK in October 2020, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to explore beyond the boundaries of my new hometown in Surrey

 however what I have seen I absolutely love. The country is rich in natural beauty and has incredible history which I am excited to explore when things return to normal. I will always miss South Africa but count myself lucky to be able to call England home.

My favourite uniquely UK Trait is the vast array of regional accents (a few of which I don’t even need translating).  I read one article that explains this, in a not so historically accurate but quite amusing way, stated:

Basically, what happened was that in the year 991AD King Egglemund the Unruly ordered all British people to put on a funny voice for his amusement and they just sort of stuck.

Keziah is the Digital Marketing Executive at Basemap Ltd. She has almost 2 years experience in the digital realm after graduating from the University of Plymouth with a BA in Illustration and an MA in Publishing.