Census data

Census data can be difficult to access due to its size which is why using DataCutter helps you quickly cherry pick only the area/data you require.

The latest census was taken on the 27th March 2011 with the next due in 2021. This is the most detailed widespread census of the population with every household in England, Scotland and Wales and is conducted by the office of national statistics. The census gives key information on population including detailed information on: –

Residence Type:
– Dwellings
– Type of house
– Persons per room
– Central heating
– Household size

– Population Density
– Age by year
– Sex
– Living arrangements
– Health
– Car Ownership
– Economic activity
– Ethnicity
– Qualifications

These are given at Output Area level, this is based on approximation of 500 dwellings (houses) and there are over 200,000 in England, Scotland and Wales. These areas can be very small in town centres giving a great reflection of where population is spread and where there are high proportions of specific demographics.