Average Speed Data

Delivering accurate and immediate drive time analysis

TM Speeds is a dataset produced along with Trafficmaster utlising their market leading raw GPS speed data. This data can be used by a multitude of solutions and has been optimised to work with Basemap’s marketing leading TRACC software.

Use TM-Speeds to:

  • Enhance outputs from TRACC software
  • Determine congestion outside new site locations
  • Optimise route and travel time analysis over 6 daily time periods
  • Estimate delivery times and plan the best sequence to make visits, deliveries and collections
  • Plan emergency response routes
  • Produce year on year comparisons of drive times
  • Accurate and immediate drive time analysis

Accurate data

  • Over 135,000 vehicles polled every 1 to 10 seconds
  • Over 17 billion data counts for Great Britain loaded and queried per annum
  • Used by Department of Transport and many Local Authorities
  • Provided with bi-directional speeds

Easy to use

  • 100% coverage for Great Britain
  • Speed data segmented into 6 time periods  (Peak AM, Peak PM, Off Peak, Evening, Night Time and Weekend)

Proven and accurate road network

  • Uniquely mapped to Ordnance Survey’s MasterMap Highways Network
  • Delivers detailed Road Routing Information (RRI) such as one way systems, level crossings and access restrictions

Purchasing TM Speeds

TM Speeds is sold through OS Partners, email commerialenquiries@os.uk to find out more.

“This data is substantial, robust and credible and has already saved lives”

Paul Botterill, Data Manager

Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service  Data Lead

 Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2020