AITPM Conference, Adelaide, South Australia – Shereine’s Experience at the Event

AITPM Conference, Adelaide, South Australia – Shereine’s Experience at the Event

Our Account & Business Development Executive, Shereine Swindon, recently attended the AITPM conference in Adelaide, South Australia – here’s what she got up to on her trip.

It has been an extremely busy July/August here at Basemap with various International Exhibitions happening at the same time.  My colleague Simon Court went to the APTA Conference in Boston and I attended the AITPM Conference in Adelaide, South Australia where I was delighted to represent Basemap and our TRACC software and also present Dan Saunder’s paper on his behalf.  The subject for the paper was based on ‘A National View of Transport Accessibility to Essential Services.’

Welcome Reception – Day 1 

Tuesday was set up day for the exhibitors and a Welcome Reception was enjoyed on the Tuesday evening. The Hon Stephan Knoll, Minister for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure welcomed everyone and announced the Young Professional Award Winners from all States of Australia which was a great celebration of their achievements.

Presentation of Papers and Ideas

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there were over 80 speakers presenting their papers and ideas with several hundred delegates attending the conference with the opportunity to create interesting discussions around the topics discussed.

Basemap’s presentation was based on how the Department of Transport (DfT) in the UK have been producing estimates of journey times for the past 10 years. These estimates give a comparative view of accessibility by car, walking, cycling and public transport throughout England to key destinations such as:

  • Education
  • Places of Employment
  • Health Care Sites such as GP Surgeries and Hospitals
  • Food Stores and other essential services

In 2015, the DfT started using Basemap’s TRACC (Transport Accessibility) data solutions software to produce these statistics in-house, enabling ownership of the data and allowing much more flexibility of the analysis that TRACC produces.  There are various benefits to be enjoyed by this process with the major cost saving of outsourcing this work to external consultants and bringing everything in-house.  We looked at how using a software-based approach has resulted in significant time savings as well as the ability to carry out analysis that was not previously possible. We also looked at how travel time analysis is used at the DfT to make informed local and central policy decisions on high profile transport projects.

Shereine Swindon

Highlights of the Week

Conference RoomAITPM was a 4 day conference which went by in a flash!  So many new friendships, connections, new ideas and networking contacts were made.  The whole event was incredibly well organised and nothing was too much trouble for anyone – the organisers did an amazing job and were to be congratulated for it.

There were a variety of exhibition stands which included Basemap whereby we exhibited our TRACC software.  An Awards Dinner was held on the Wednesday evening which was an excellent opportunity to network and socialise with other speakers and attendees.  A sit down lunch was provided on Thursday followed by a fabulous social networking evening at the Adelaide Oval.

O-Bahn Busway TripThe O-Bahn Busway trip was organised for the Friday afternoon and most definitely worthwhile.  I went along with several of the other speakers and attendees where we experienced the transit system servicing the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

It was interesting to hear about the controversial issues with the installation of the O-Bahn as several residents were initially reluctant for its installation.  However, once installed, there has been a positive response whereby the residents of Adelaide are actually enjoying more greenery and parks as a result of some of the tunnels that have been built.

The busway used to be able to travel at a maximum speed of 100km/h but are now restricted to 85km/h.  From 2015, the busways carry approximately 31,000 people per weekday.  An additional section including a 670 metre tunnel opened in 2017 at the city end to reduce the number of congested intersections that the buses must traverse to enter the city centre in Adelaide.


It certainly was an action-packed Conference program where we were able to share, learn, network and celebrate more of what we all do and contribute to this exciting Industry.  There were an exceptional amount of speakers presenting on their area of expertise which made an extremely interesting 4 day event.

Looking forward to the next AITPM Conference which is being held in Brisbane in 2020 and reconnecting with our AITPM family…