Team Archive - Basemap

  • Rosie Pinkett

    By on 14th August 2019

    Rosie joined Basemap in August 2019 as Digital Marketing Executive. She is interested in many aspects of marketing, but...

  • Raquel Llorente Valdehita

    By on 4th April 2019

    Raquel works as a product specialist at Basemap since March 2019. While she enjoys making various maps at Basemap,...

  • Elliot Samson

    By on 18th March 2019

    Elliot is our Business Development & Account Manager responsible for the Private Sector. In his spare time, you will...

  • Carmen Barletta

    By on 7th March 2019

    Carmen works as a Graduate Machine Learning and AI Developer at Basemap. She loves swimming and has an adventurous...

  • Shereine Swindon

    By on 10th January 2019

    Shereine works within the Business Development team as Account & Business Development Executive -EVR, and is passionate about delivering...

  • Shahin Kiassat

    By on 30th August 2018

    Shahin started working for Basemap in 2013. He likes delivering software solutions and designing scalable applications. Outside work he...

  • Lester Chine

    By on 1st March 2018

    Lester has joined Basemap as Business Development & Account Manager responsible for Public Sector and the Americas. Married with...

  • Alexandra Laven

    By on 5th October 2017

    Alexandra is our new Product Specialist. She enjoys spending her free time exploring new and exciting places with friends...

  • Kalyani Homkar Desai

    By on 16th August 2017

    Kalyani works as a Software Developer at Basemap. She is an explorer and is always on the lookout to...

  • Debs Geaves

    By on 15th December 2016

    Debs joined Basemap in June 2016 after 13 years as an Operations Director of a similar business. Her role...