Team Archive - Basemap

  • Steve Swindon

    By on 4th February 2020

  • Mark Gallagher

    By on 3rd February 2020

    Mark serves as the Chief Executive and heads up the client side of the business. Outside of work you will...

  • Simon Court

    By on 2nd February 2020

    Simon founded Basemap in 2000 and has a deep understanding of GIS, particularly when applied to transport data. In...

  • Richard Steele

    By on 1st February 2020

    Richard joined Basemap  in 2004 as the IT Guru and Chief Architect. He has a BSc (HONS)  in Systems...

  • Dan Saunders

    By on 30th January 2020

    Dan has over 7 years experience as a Product Manager at Basemap looking at the full product life cycle…

  • Lester Chine

    By on 29th January 2020

    Lester has joined Basemap as Business Development & Account Manager responsible for Public Sector and the Americas. Married with...

  • Shereine Swindon

    By on 28th January 2020

    Shereine works within the Business Development team as Account & Business Development Executive -EVR, and is passionate about delivering...

  • Keziah Underhill

    By on 27th January 2020

    Keziah joined Basemap in February 2020, she is responsible for coordinating and creating the content for Basemap’s social media...

  • Max Snadden

    By on 26th January 2020

    Max works as a Lead Generation Executive at Basemap. In his spare time, he enjoys playing cricket, reading and…

  • Kalyani Homkar Desai

    By on 25th January 2020

    Kalyani works as a Software Developer at Basemap. She is an explorer and is always on the lookout to...