Team Archive - Basemap

  • Renato Barbizan

    By on 28th June 2022

    With over than 20 years in global sales and marketing roles, largely with the IT sector, Renato brings a...

  • Patrick McKenna

    Patrick McKenna

    By on 20th May 2022

    Patrick has a varied employment history having worked for companies in both the construction and insurance industries. As a...

  • Ganesh S

    By on 14th March 2022

    Responsible for Basemap’s Overseas Business, Ganesh brings over 15 years of experience in sales and corporate relations. Prior to...

  • Amaka Osuji

    By on 16th February 2022

    Our new Product Specialist, Amaka Osuji brings unique knowledge in the GIS space having worked in the past on...

  • Armon Henry

    By on 5th January 2022

    The latest addition to the team, Armon is responsible for Basemap’s digital performance across the web and social platforms....

  • Lawrence Philipps

    Lawrence Philipps

    By on 5th January 2022

    Lawrence joins Basemap in 2021 bringing technical leadership to the team and bringing 20 years of experience in software...

  • Hossein Hamid

    By on 9th June 2021

    Hossein is joining Basemap as a Machine Learning and AI Developer, predominantly working on EVR enhancing and refining the...

  • Ben Stanley Basemap

    Ben Stanley

    By on 6th January 2021

    Ben joined the Basemap team as a newly graduated alumni of the University of Hull, where he learned all…

  • Steve Swindon

    By on 4th February 2020

  • Mark Gallagher

    By on 3rd February 2020

    Mark serves as the Chief Executive and heads up the client side of the business. Outside of work you will...