DataCutter Product Tip – Saving Custom Boundaries

DataCutter Product Tip – Saving Custom Boundaries

A question we keep getting asked at Basemap involves how to get data for a specific project. A client might only want to purchase POI or ITN data for a very specific area, they know the study area, but don’t want to manually draw the boundary if possible. This months tip shows how you can save time by uploading your own custom boundary into DataCutter allowing you to get just the data you want.

Zip up your shapefile and use the UPLOAD button next to the search bar.

In the wizard, start by giving your custom boundary a name and then select ‘choose file’ and navigate to your zipped boundary file.

Don’t forget to confirm that you are not a robot!





If you are just using the boundary for a one-off calculation, you can use the ‘Display on the map’ option this will bring up your boundary in the Datacutter map view and you can then go on to select the Data you wish to download for this area.




If you would like to save this boundary to use again, click ‘save and display’ this will then save your boundary into your Datacutter account, and can be used at a later date using the search bar.




Datacutter is easy to use and allows you to access and purchase only the data you require. You can draw your own map boundaries and download datasets for anywhere in Great Britain.