Case Studies

How we have helped our clients:

Field survey team struggles to map their GPS data tracks

A consultancy has a large amount of GPS data tracks from their field survey team. When they get these into their GIS they find that the tracks do not match precisely with their existing base road network. Their journey planning software will not take into account routes which are not attached properly to their base network. They have traditionally manually tried to snap these themselves but this has proved time consuming and with a large on-going project, could lead to a great amount of staff cost.

Basemap were able to quickly implement a solution into their existing GIS software that allows them to automate the process and snap any new tracks to their existing networks within a matter of seconds.

Investment company maximises their property portfolio

A large investment company wanted to understand where in the UK they should buy property so as to maximise their investment property portfolio.

Using car travel times to centres of population within 45 minutes, Basemap were able to provide maps showing a scoring for each 500m grid square in the UK. This scoring was then used to compare and contrast the potential for areas and therefore help to identify the best areas to further investigate for potential future investments in commercial property.


TRACC helps to relocate staff

A company was looking to relocate their office to a different location in the same City. The main concern was inconveniencing staff due to poorer access to the new office from the local rail and bus stations. They needed to evaluate this change of location in relation to staff walking times.

Using Visography TRACC software, Basemap were able to provide travel time contour maps and walking time data so that the new location and old location could be compared visually and the difference in walking times quantified.

  • As recent converts to TRACC we’ve found it to be a great step forward. It gives us all the functionality we are used to with the added benefits of a logical user interface and a suite of new features that we’ve found extremely valuable in delivering swift, quality results to our clients.

    James TippinsGIS Manager, Steer Davies Gleave
  • Having used another software package in the past the migration to TRACC was straightforward and the easy to use functionality has allowed me to save time

    Business Intelligence OfficerSouth Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
  • "We have found TRACC to be a very powerful tool allowing fine control over calculation parameters, while remaining easy to use via an intuitive interface. The results give us an invaluable understanding of accessibility to services. We have used TRACC to support a number of NHS service reviews and redesigns."

    Brendan StoneGIS Team Leader, NHS South West Commissioning Support
  • We are delighted with the ease of use and functionality of TRACC, and, crucially, with its ability to carry out national level runs on the scale we require.

    Jeremy GroveDepartment for Transport
  • We see a lot of potential in this existing software and future enhancements proposed for it. It allows us to increase the offer to our clients and continue our position as a market leading transportation consultancy

    Michael JohnsSenior Transport Planner, WSP